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Why electric no manual?
Release time:2014-10-13 Browse the number:1889

Now the make-up prevails, from 16 years old to 60 years old urban women most will use the make-up, making all kinds of electric beauty tools highly sought after.

The most popular clarisonic MIA electric cleansing brush, the minimum configuration of product of domestic entities shop selling price about 1500RMB, the network buys on sb's behalf price in thousand dollars or so, some shops sales amounted to thousands of new products, and the highest price of 6000RMB network configuration.

Ordinary puff 10 yuan to buy a bag, while the price of importing electric powder puff network is as high as 6500 RMB, its advantage is to let the foundation is more fitting skin, no damage and the function of massage on the skin, but also on silty is different, the replacement of different puff head.

Imports high-end electric eyelash curler and eyebrows shaved prices is 800RMB around, some shops single product cumulative sales up to 500 pieces, and the evaluation is also good. But the novice caution electric eyelash curler eyelash, unskilled easily get uneven.

"You buy cheap, buy a set of tools up to more than 20000 RMB, but it can be used for a long time, do beauty card also  more than 5." Beauty Master Miss zhu said, electric cleansing device can really deep clean but also can dilute the chicken pox and India,wash time shortened everyday, the effect is better, also reduce the frequency to the beauty care, at the same time, the electric powder puff up quickly, can sleep for 10 more minutes morning, so that the investment is really worth.